Class supply list: Paper, pencils, red pen, folder, colored pencils and optional compass. A simple calculator is useful.

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Learning Activities

Chap. 1 Test Review

Chap. 2 Test Review

Folding activity

Chap. 3 Test Review

Discovering the law of cosines

Chap. 4 Test Review

Chap. 5 Test Review

Quadratic Formula

Chap. 6 Test Review Special Triangle Shortcuts

Chap. 7 Test Review

Geometric Probability

Chap. 8 Test Review

Tilings and Isometries

Chap. 9 Test Review

Discovering the law of sines

Chap. 10 Test Review

Systems of Equations Lesson

Chap. 11 Test Review


Chap. 12 Test Review


Finding the Geometric Mean

First Semester Review Geometric Mean tutorial
Second Semester Review GSP Areas of Reg Polys and Circles

Fun & Games

Working with Radicals


Minimizing Perimeter/Fixed Area

Frieze Patterns

Rotations and Reflections


 Special Triangle Shortcuts
Triangula Island Manipulatives

Static NIM

Platonic solids calendar Padlet
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Inscribing a Circle  
Circumscribing a Circle  
Using trigonometry to find angle measures